Spending night alone

    By / October 16, 2020

    He was feeling pissed at women and himself; it was now six months since he signed the papers. It was the longest time he had gone without companionship for years. His wife was a stay at home nag who kept asking for money, but Steve missed her. At least when she was around, he never… Read more

    Dating in Berkshire

    By / August 6, 2020

    I travel up and down the country a lot selling florists supplies, and one of my favorite stops is Berkshire. I enjoy this stop so much that I often book an extra night on a hotel just so that I can have a date with Berkshire escorts. Berkshire escorts of are the hottest and… Read more

    Will I Ever Find Love?

    By / June 11, 2020

    If you find yourself wondering if you are ever going to find love, maybe you are looking too hard. I have never met a person who actually found love when they were looking for it. Most of the time, Cupid seems to come along when we are at least expecting it. I am going to… Read more

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