Beauty Tricks That Escorts Use

The escort industry is a somehow similar to the beauty pageant stage, because girls are picked as “winners” according to varying standards such as looks, character and other features. Escorts capitalize in their favorable traits, as beauty pageant contestants perform, attractive to the judges (or customers) in an endeavor to become singled out in the crowd of opponents for reward. Below are the top three beauty tricks for escorts.

  1. The boy cut is back in style

If you like short hair but did not have the courage to attempt it yourself, today is the opportunity to be daring and stylish, with a stylish boy trim. This hairstyle is excellent for a hectic escort which has a hectic relationship program and is constantly on the move since it needs low maintenance and is extremely flexible to any type of outfit. And consider just how easy it’ll be to design your own hair all on your own, at the early hours, once you’re on a hot retreat with your date and there is no salon in sight.

  1. Pink it up

For designers such as Alexander Wang, Gucci and Valentino, pink is your brand new trending color when it has to do with makeup and hairstyle. You’re able to opt for the softer, lighter pink or version, the increased quartz, or it’s possible to be bold and adventuresome whilst wearing pink. In case you’ve got blonde hair, put in a pink color to the mixture, to get a fresher, livelier appearance and if you’re a lover of this pure makeup, then add to the naked tones, a few colors of pink, or from the lips to your eyelids and cheekbones.

  1. Red lipstick

Vibrant, red lipstick is always a hot pick. Men love this shade, as it draws them in and makes them pay attention. This is why it is a favorite beauty pick for escorts. And wonderful news for guys, as what could be more erotic than a girl with fiery reddish lips coming down to you or gradually whispering dirty things to your ear?! Thus, it is very important for women to keep a tube of sexy red lipstick in your beauty handbag ready to go. Opt for colors like crimson, but make sure that it goes well with your skin color and hair so that you look your very best. Other more subtle red colors, like coral, can also be extremely enticing. Utilize this sexy beauty addition with assurance, throughout your sexy date.

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